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What Happened on the Blog in August?

Most popular postWe started the month with a clean slate and a Friday Confessional party, and a lot of you had comments on my confessions (but no judgement; thank you!) Most popular FB postA little birthday wish list on this month’s Shoe Lust Saturday: Post […]

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Hi, my name’s Aubrey!

I’ve been sponsoring or co-hosting quite a few giveaways lately (go check out Brunch with Amber’s birthday giveaway), and that means that a lot of new people are seeing my little blog. I’m sort of thinking that I should do a little introduction post in […]

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Friday Confessions 3.29.13

Good morning, lovelies! Confession is good for the soul, so grab the button and let it all out. You’ll feel better when you’re finished. I confess… First of all, I need to announce the winner for the Shabby Apple Gift card. I got a little […]

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Blog Star: Hi, I’m Aubrey!

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to High-Heeled Love! Obviously from the title, I’m a shoe-lover, but this blog isn’t just about footwear. I started blogging three years ago as a way to document our wedding, but it quickly turned into a collection of sharing my favorite stories […]

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