Round-Up! Round 10

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It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing my Round-Up posts for 10 weeks already? Time really does fly these days. I’m awfully excited because tomorrow starts the countdown to vacation. I just cannot wait to spend some quality holiday time with my family; let’s hope this week flies, too.

Anyway, moving on to this week’s favorite reads.

1. I’m loving these little DIY terrariums on a blog full of weldons. She made these as Christmas gifts for her children’s teachers. I think they’d be fantastic favors at a shower as well.

2. Megan from a string of purls asks some thoughtful questions about pre-teen and tween bloggers. It’s an interesting thought. Are we all too “plugged in”?

3. I’m adoring these stories of Christmas traditions around the world that Art @ Home has been sharing this week. You should check out the story of the Red Robin Breast in the UK and spiderwebs in Ukraine. (Not that this changes my opinion of spiders in the house.)

4. Sometimes you have to have a heart-to-heart to yourself about not giving up just because you haven’t accomplished something yet. That’s how I read Miss Angie’s post about accepting setbacks and getting back on the horse.

5. These tips from Ducky at Batcrap Crazy are sure to help you survive the next corporate holiday party.

image via weheartit