Round-Up ’13! Round 4

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January is just flying away. I’ve been pretty busy with work this week, but still found time to get some blog reading done. Here are my favorites this week.

1. As you probably know, Wednesday was National Pie Day. I am so thinking about making this pie recipe, shared by Art @ Home, to surprise the Mister when he gets home tomorrow.

2. This week, The Mommy Mess shared this post about writing blog posts that are easily shareable. I found some great tips in here, and thought some of my readers might enjoy it.

3. I am adoring Ashlie’s initial designs for her tattoo. Can’t wait to see how what her finished idea looks like.

4. For a little girly fun, I really enjoyed Meg. O’s tutorial on a daytime smoky eye with the Naked palette. I found it to be helpful since I own this palette and use it a lot for daytime makeup.

5. It’s always fun to come across pretty things for your blog design. This week, Chelsea shared her favorite free fonts on the blog. Which one is your favorite?

And since it’s always flattering to see yourself on others’ blogs, here’s places you can see my mug in the last week: Operation Beautiful and My So-Called Chaos.

P.S. I apologize that this Round-Up post is publishing late. It was scheduled to go up automatically and did not publish as expected.

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