Round-Up ’13! Round 3

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Hello lovelies!

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. I know that some of you will have tomorrow, but for me it’s still a Sunday.

Here are my favorite reads from this week.

1. I’ve lamented many times on twitter at how bummed I get when I get a “no-reply” comment. Over the years several bloggers have created posts on how to enable email. Since the look of blogger has changed a few times recently, I really appreciated Casey posting an updated how-to with lots of screenshots. Please share with all your new blogger friends.

2. For a good laugh and a reason to smile, check out the video on Ducky’s blog about Charles the Monarch.

3. I am absolutely blown away at how stunningly beautiful this winter wedding is.

4. Many of you are aware that I loooove Brussels sprouts. I cannot wait to try making this balsamic reduction to try on my next batch of roasted sprouts.

5. These life lessons written by blogger Maria when she turned 50 are pretty spot-on. Many of them are things I should remember daily.

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