Round-Up ’13! Round 2

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Happy Sunday, friends!

It seems that the new year is just slipping on by, but I’m really happy that I’ve found time to keep reading your lovely blogs. Here is this week’s Round up of my favorite reads.

1. Reason 233 why I’m in no hurry to have babies is on Heather’s blog, Blonde Undercover Blonde. It is good for a laugh though.

2. I love this linky party hosted by Chasing Birdies. Since she was so busy in December, she asked all her friends to link up their favorite December posts so she could go read them all. It’s a great way to get the best highlights of the month.

3. Through that party, I found this guest post on Framed Frosting by Erin from Living in Yellow with a lot of good blogging tips. And since I’m starting to delve into the world of paying for sponsorships on other blogs, I also found her post about figuring out which blogs to sponsor to be helpful.

4. I’ve been following Caitlin’s blog Operation Beautiful for nearly 4 years now, and I love her newest project of No Make-Up Monday. I don’t know if I’ll be participating every week, but we should all be more confident in our natural beauty.

5. And the blogger I admire for talking about tough subjects this week is Ivy from Little Woman, Little Home. On Monday, she talked about her struggles with insecurities, which I could totally relate to. But the really impressive part is that on Tuesday, she put forth eight changes to help her recover her confidence and happiness. I like a girl with a plan.