Progress Report: Living & Dining Room Remodel (Weekend 1)

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After mentioning it several times, I thought I would share some of the progress…but before we get into that, let’s look at when we first moved into the house.

The previous owner’s favorite color was pink, and this was what we had to work with when we bought the house back in 2007.

We actually closed on the house about a month before we intended to move in. The first weekend, all of the carpet came up, and we pulled down the window fixtures. We removed all of the wallpaper and had the heart of pine floors refinished.

Here are a few photos through the years. I haven’t gone though all my photos to find my official “Before photos,” but you can get the general feel for the two rooms before the demolition began.

Understand that our house is old….like 60-70 years old. We’re talking no insulation in the exterior walls, lathe & plaster and likely original windows. So the first step in our project was having a large roll-off waste container delivered because the plaster walls were coming down.

Since I took these photos, the frame between the two rooms has been removed as well. So now there is one open floor space.

On deck this week and weekend:

  • Hanging insulation in the exterior walls
  • Updating the electrical boxes
  • Running speaker wire in the walls to reduce visible wires for the surround sound
  • Prepping the dining room/kitchen doorframe for an arched doorway
  • Hanging sheet rock.