Round-Up! Round 11

Hello lovelies.

It’s Sunday (already!) so it’s time for this week’s Round-Up.

1. This week the Sandy Hook tragedy has been weighing heavily on my heart. Please keep the families and town in your prayers as we go into this holiday week. Also consider joining in on this blogger project to help encourage the children as they go back to school.

2. This post by Munchie’s Mama, which was also inspired by the recent shooting, really reminds me of the things we can to make our communities a better, more welcoming, safer places. There are some great thoughts to help when we may feel especially helpless.

3. This simple gift-wrapping idea from one sheepish girl has inspired me as I put my packages together this year.

4. With the recent news that Facebook/Instagram now reserves the right to sell our photos without compensation or permission, I found this article, which was shared by Nathan, to be eye-opening. I will be watermarking from now on. (I have since heard that this policy will be changed after public outcry about the policy.)

5. I want to hold a Christmas cookie social like Little Woman for all the little ones in my life. It’s too bad that most of my nearest and dearest live so far away.

image via weheartit

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