Favorites Friday: Vacations

Jen at A Girl in Pearls &  A Boy with Toys has introduced a new blog feature, Friday Favorites, and invited her readers to join in. On Wednesday she will give a topic, we use that for the subject of our Friday post. This week’s topic is favorite vacation spot.

I definitely have to say my current favorite is Isle of Palms. I love that it’s only two hours away from us so we can run down for a weekend if we want. Unlike a lot of the other beaches in South Carolina, Isle of Palms is not very commercialized, and because it’s pretty small, I don’t think there’s a lot of room for it to ever get that way. It’s also only 20-30 minutes from the heart of Charleston, so you can get your history and shopping fix in without spoiling the calm and peace of the beach.

The Mister and I have vacationed with his family at Isle of Palms for three summers now, and our next trip will be for our wedding, which is only seven weeks away!

If you want to see other favorites, visit’s Jen’s post HERE for McLinky to other particpants.

Guess what?!

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