Off to the zoo!

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I read in the local paper last week that our zoo had a baby spectacled owl, and I immediately asked the Mister if we could go see it.

The Riverbanks Zoo is really large. There are over 2,000 animals there. There are also 70 acres of botanical gardens to visit (which is another post altogether). We have a membership at the zoo; so on Monday morning, off we went. We usually try to get there right when it opens to avoid the heat and crowds.

The little guy is as big as his parents at eight weeks old. As he reached maturity, his feathers will turn brown. Doesn’t he remind you of Hedwig from Harry Potter?

My two favorite exhibits to visit are the koala and the lorikeets. We arrived early enough during this visit to see the koalas awake. They’re usually asleep since they’re nocturnal. In the lorikeet pen, you can sometimes get the birds to perch on your shoulder or arm, but no luck this visit.

These guys were pretty interactive this visit. The horned bill kept following us along the walkway with his mouthful of leaves, and the crowned cranes kept displaying their feathers and running along to catch worms. I really enjoy the zoo first thing in the morning because all the animals are having breakfast.

I had a good time watching this baby baboon. He was clearly in the mood to play, and all the others wanted to nap in the heat. He was also nursing on his mother, who is right behind him.

Our zoo has a kangaroo walkabout where you can walk right in the exhibit. But the kangaroos are always against the fence from the pathway as they can get. I’d love to see them moving around during a visit, but we haven’t gotten there at the right time yet.

The meerkats were my new favorite place to visit. They were having so much fun burrowing around. The display information said that “teenagers” are posted around the outsides of the burrows to keep an eye on the home…like babysitters.

I also took pictures in the elephants and gorilla exhibits, but they must not have saved properly.

The Mister and I just hit the highlights, and when the really animals (the crowds of tourists) started piling in and the temperatures got to about 97 degree, we’d decided it was time to head out.