Nothing like a good hair day.

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The other day I mentioned that I was getting my hair cut; I had an appointment with Seven Doors Salon. They were awesome. The atmosphere was really calming, and the stylist even offered me hot tea to drink while she worked.

I’ve been growing it out since our wedding last April, and it had gotten to that stage where it just kind of hangs there and looks dull.

I have a hard time keeping focus with my hair. I like to change it up a lot, so I was thinking a lot about chopping it all off like I had done for our engagement photos.

Chi Photography

 Or wearing it cut short in a bob, which is how I wore it for the wedding.

Chi Photography

But since I’ve done so well with not cutting it all off for the last year, I finally decided not to lose the length yet, and instead opted for some layers to give it some movement and character. I really like the cut.

I wish I had had the sense to take a photo as soon as I left the salon. I love when it’s freshly styled by someone who knows what they’re doing, but I didn’t think about it. Instead, you get my attempt from this morning.

Now let’s see if I can keep myself from losing it in June when it’s crazy hot here in South Carolina.

On a completely unrelated side note, I just got an email from Fit Bottomed Girls. I won a giveaway for this Jennifer Cohen book. Yay! A new book of workouts means I have no excuse not to get it in shape for the summer.