Non-Scale Victory: #NOEXCUSES & Jujitsu

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I have a couple things to share for Non-Scale Victories this week.

First, the #NoExcuses Challenge has me moving! If the rest of the month continues to go like this first week has, I’m going to blow 1500 minutes out of the water.

By the way, I keep up with my workouts in three places:

If you’re on one of these sites, let’s be friends!

And what would a fitness post from me be without some discussion of jujitsu? It is my passion these days.

I can’t believe my green belt promotion was exactly a year ago today. My sensei keeps saying the higher belt promotions come faster because you have a good foundation to pick the techniques up faster…but wow.

It took me 14 months to promote from white to blue belt. Green belt and brown belt each came nine months after the last promotion. I’m realistically looking at examining for my black belt in October next year (and there’s two more promotions between here and there) if I continue to work hard. I just seems to be coming on really fast.

Anyway, my jujitsu NSV is that I’m now of rank to begin attending brown belt/black belt classes. These are private classes that are offered once a month. My first is Saturday. I’m excited and nervous!

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