Musical Monday: Island Song

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Happy Monday, friends!

You know how some weeks completely get away from you? I had one of those last week. Life just got busy, and it didn’t help that our internet went down half the week either. Anyway, I apologize for my lack of blogging and for missing Friday Confessional.

We have a big milestone last week. You may have caught it on #TheStretchProject progress post, but the Mister turned 40. He’s over the hill!

I’d like to say we celebrated all week long. We did sort of, but I was actually sick on Monday. So we didn’t do much on his actual birthday. However, I did throw him a spectacular pool party over the week. And I have two photos to show for it.

Happy Birthday, Mister [Musical Monday: Island Song at High-Heeled Love]

Happy Birthday, Mister [Musical Monday: Island Song at High-Heeled Love]

Also, at work last week was my week to give a talk to my business group. Basically, you get to talk about your company and what you do for about 15 minutes; this only happens every two years, so I had to make sure I was prepared. I was pleased with the speech and the reactions to it.

I was even more pleased that my voice held out because I lost it about an hour after the meeting, and I’ve been froggy since.

With all that life has been throwing my way, I could go for some rest and relaxation, which brings us to this week’s choice for Musical Monday, “Island Song” by Zac Brown Band.

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