Musical Monday – Enough…and Mani Monday

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As part of my Weekly Round-Up yesterday, I included a post from Meg about the #ImEnough Movement.

I love this idea! We get way too caught up in the comparison trap, and I think it’s even easier as a blogger since we spend so much time viewing each other’s lives online…which is carefully curated. I mean, when I have the choice, I only want to show the best of my life and talk about the good experiences online.

The truth is life is messy…and it’s easier to focus the spotlight on the things that go right than the other way around, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace and celebrate all of our lives, even the imperfect parts. It’s the only one we get.

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Also, I’m going to celebrate actually painting my nails two weeks in a row. That never happens! Since it’s day one of my Happy Birthday Week, I decided I wanted something with a little sparkle in it, and picked an old school Julep polish, Mischa. (I think the polish is from 2011 or 2012 – affiliate link)

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