Motivation Monday: Whoop It Up!

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So this morning, I was watching Amiyrah Martin on Persicope, and she was speaking to my heart. Basically, she was discussing that we push so hard in January for goals and resolutions that by this time in February, we feel burned out and discourage. And that is when we need to just whoop it up for ourselves and celebrate accomplishments, no matter how small they might seem.

February seems to have dragged on and on for me, so I’m taking her advice focusing on the progress I have made. Here are three things I’m celebrating today:

1. I’ve finished all my crochet orders; so now I have time for making a few gifts before starting on inventory for the upcoming etsy shop.

2. I survived the first weekend of massage/healing class. I’m a little overwhelmed with anatomy and physiology at the moment, but I know I’m going to get by just fine.

3. We’re making progress financially. In addition to living on a budget and paying down debt, we’re acting as a team when it comes to money. I cannot stress again how great having an emergency fund. The Mister’s car is going into the shop next week, and it’s not a stressful event at all because we have an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

We’re celebrating small victories in our house with a favorite house wine and some much needed down time.

Whoop it up! What are your small victories? Where are you making progress?