Monthly Coffee – My Favorite Blog Posts from April

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Hello, friends!

Welcome to the Monthly Coffee, a little linky party hosted by me and Miss Angie from My So-Called Chaos.

This party is all about sharing those fabulous blogs that you’ve read this month. Let’s grow our blogger community by sharing the best posts you’ve come across. You’ll find new blogs to read, and we’ll all make new friends.

So pour yourself a steamy beverage, grab the button and share your favorite reads this month.

Without getting into a lot of detail about work, there have been some changes rocking my industry lately, and that has definitely affected my choice of favorite posts this week. If you need a dose of encouragement, you’re in the right place.

This encouraging post from Moose Studio has been helpful when with keeping things in perspective and staying positive. I’m especially focusing on not letting fear [of change] bring me down.

 Nick Alexis Creates shared a list of 6 things to do to take a business to the next level. While a few suggestions relate to online businesses, there’s quite a bit here whether your business is centered in the virtual world or is a brick and mortar outfit.

Not so long ago, Sue A Allen had a day that started aimlessly, and she shared her four steps for taking charge of her day and not letting her emotions rule how events turn out. When things seem to be out of control, it sure is easy to stay stuck in your head, replaying worst-case scenarios; she provides some tools to overcome that.

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in life and completely forget about the self-case that keeps us well enough to take care of our responsibilities. If you need a reminder, check out this list from Unapologetically Us of personal appointments that you should be keeping.

And for something a little lighter, I had a few chuckles at this post from Heart Mind Soul about getting an athletic style massage for the first time. Given that I’m taking a massage healing course at my dojo, I can certainly understand someone’s responses when they’ve only received massage in a spa setting.

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