Liebster Award…sort of

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Last week, Alexandra from 21st and Serendipity gave me the Liebster Award. I’m pretty sure I’ve been given this blog award before, but today I’m still not feeling well so I’m going to be a good sport and answer her questions.

  1. What would you eat if you were only allowed one thing for the rest of your life? Pizza…I love it, and it’s so versatile that I could still be creative in what I’m eating.
  2. What magical power would you choose to have and why? It would be cool to time travel or be able to pause time. It just seems like life moves so quickly these days; I’d really like to be able to savor some of the moments a little longer.
  3. If you could make your favorite movie your real life, which one would you pick and why? Well, I have a lot of movie picks, so this is hard, but I’d love it if the Harry Potter world were real. Can you imagine spending your formative years at Hogwarts? That would be awesome.
  4. Name two things on your bucket list that haven’t yet been checked off. Learn to surf and travel to Europe
  5. Why did you start your blog? I started blogging about our wedding planning, but that was more than 3 years ago.
  6. Favorite piece of jewelry and why? I guess the obvious answer hear would be my wedding rings, but I’m also going to say my jet bead necklace because it was my mothers and it makes me feel glamorous when I wear it.
  7. If you had a day of no consequences, what would you do? Today, I would just sleep because I’m sick and that would be awesome. Another day, I’d play hookie and drive down to the beach.
  8. Best birthday and why? I loved my 16th because my friends threw me a fantastic surprise birthday party. As an adult, my 30th birthday last year was a really good celebration.
  9. The book you could read over and over. The Between Boyfriends Book by Cindy Chupak. Cindy was a writer and producer for Sex and City. This book makes me laugh until I cry, no matter how many times I read it.
  10. (Fill in the blank) I’m currently obsessed with _________________. Baby boy stuff on Pinterest. Probably because we’re expecting two nephews in the next six months.
  11. The thing you’re most looking forward to in this coming month of October? Moog Fest. We went last year and had such a blast.

The rest of the award involves telling you 11 random things about me and tagging other bloggers. I’m just not feeling up to it today, but if you want to play along and answer Alexandra’s questions, that would be awesome. Leave a comment below so I can visit and see your answers.