Last dress ordered and other wedding things finished up

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It feels like the clock has decided to sprint toward our wedding day at breakneck speeds. Tomorrow is our 8 weeks away mark! I can’t believe we’re to the point of weeks left instead of months.

This weekend, I was supposed to head on up to Charlotte to meet my family and order my niece’s flower girl dress. More than six inches of snow kept me in Columbia, but they headed out to David’s Bridal and took care of the details. Here’s a photo that my step-sister texted me of her trying on the store dress (who knows what’s up with her making a funny face at the camera).
On Sunday, my parents headed out to the mall and purchased my dad’s suit and my step-mom’s dress and shoes. She said they got some killer President’s Day sales prices.

Also on Sunday, I met up with the Mister’s mom and aunt to let them do some work on my skin; they are both esthticians. His aunt had offered to do some work on my face for free since this winter, I have breakouts from hell. She did some extractions (which hurt!) and gave me a lactic acid peel. She also sent me home with a new 3-step skincare system, some at-home peel sample and sunscreen (which is a must because of the acid in the product).

My skin is already glowing more though the skincare system is initially very drying. I’ve been warned that I should breakout here at the beginning of the use because it’s getting all the gunk out of my skin.
The Mister and I also finished putting together the guest lists for my bridal showers (one month away) and his bachelor party. Now I just need to go through the list for my bachelorette party, and I won’t have to think about those again until it’s time to show up.
We still need to get him shoes, socks and a new white shirt. I’m still working on hairstyles and accessories for my girls, and I have to get their shoes dyed in the next couple weeks. And the Mister is supposed to meet up with his groomsmen in the next week or so to purchase their suits. Then I think we’ll be about done with the attire details of the wedding for a while.