It takes time.

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I don’t know why I continue to be surprised that some people just choose to be jerks. I can’t really get into details, but there is a person not so far removed from us who has been making life hard lately in every way that they can think of.

I KNOW you can’t do anything to make these people act differently.
I KNOW that only way you can control the situation is by choosing to ignore them.
I KNOW that someone who constantly stirs up trouble will stop if they don’t get any reaction at all.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to watch….and even harder not to react. So instead I’m venting here. It’s a good thing I believe that if you let someone have enough rope, they’ll hang themselves sooner or later.

I’m sorry that this is mostly vague rants; it’s not my story to tell, nor is it appropriate for the internet. I promise to back to my normal self tomorrow.