In need of a road trip

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I’ve mentioned several times before that my best friend Kate lives in Delaware. She is finishing up her doctorate this year in chemistry (smart girl). So she’ll be moving soon to where ever her next school venture or job takes her.

One of the things that Kate and I have talked about doing for the last few years is taking a train to New York City for a girls’ weekend. I’ve never been to NYC, and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t either, and since she lives so close, we’ve decided to get the ball rolling on this trip before she moves away.

Kate, Emily and I dressed up for New Year’s two years ago

I’m super excited that in July, Kate’s sister Emily (remember me sharing her engagement photos?) and I will be driving up to see Kate, and then all three of us are headed to the Big Apple. Since we’re all huge Sex and the City fans, we will of course be taking the tour. We’re also planning on some shopping and visiting Central Park. And generally being tourists.

Now, I just have to get through the next to months.