I Woke Up Like This.

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According to my Fitbit application, I got 3 hours 56 minutes of sleep last night. Anyone knows me well knows that I don’t really function on less than 7 hours of sleep. Needless to say, I’m a little bit foggy right now.

I Woke Up Like This [Being the Boss at High-Heeled Love]

Actually this is a photo from Monday morning because Wednesdays start at 5 a.m., and there is no time to sit about with my coffee and certainly no Mister awake to take photos.

[Sidebar: Why is it that when the Mister takes photos of the puppy snuggling with me, he manages to take the least flattering photo of me ever? Anyway, that’s me in the raw.]

Like I said, Wednesdays start at 5 a.m. because I have to be a business meeting by 7…and that means functional by that time, too. By the time I actually make it to the office, I’ve usually had way too much coffee. This week consists of a lot of training. Online training most of today and driving to Charlotte for classes all day tomorrow. It’s definitely a two coats of mascara and red lipstick kind of day.

I Woke Up Like This [Being the Boss at High-Heeled Love]

In other work news, I’m prepping the office this evening to bomb it for fleas. Apparently the office kitty left me a parting gift of a flea infestation. It’s pretty embarrassing when you have to worry about giving your dogs fleas. Luckily, we treat them for things like this – can’t say the same for me.

On a positive note, I’m closing my largest sale of this year so far as soon as the policy arrives in the mail. Yay!

I Woke Up Like This [Being the Boss at High-Heeled Love]

And I found out that nearly my entire trip expense for my work conference to New Orleans is reimbursable through a professional organization I belong to since I’ll be a voting delegate for our chapter. Can’t really beat that.

How is your Wednesday treating you? What’s your biggest accomplishment so far this week?