Humor (aka my pup makes me laugh)

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Click Chicks Blog Photography Challenge
I discovered the Click Chick Photo Challenge last week on Krystal’s blog, Krystal’s Kitch. I don’t know how I missed this party for so long, but definitely needed to join this week. If you want to get in on the fun, click the button

The theme for the week was humor, and around our house, the best way to have a laugh is to spend a little time with our pup, Paige. I mean, just look at her hamming it up for the camera. She seriously starts posing the minute that point a phone in her direction.

Paige is a wiggly mess of a dog. She likes to act like a big dog and bark ferociously as guests while running away from them. Once she warms up to you, she’s in your face all the time. When she gets excited, it’s like a slinky is loose in the house, and she loves to run around and play when we’re in the backyard.

Here are some of my older favorites from instagram.

And according to Statigram, this is my most liked photo ever. So I guess I’m not the only one who loves my pup.

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