How I Plan My Week

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Y’all, this post is long overdue. I’ve mentioned a couple times on the blog and social that I’ve been working with a coach to improve my business productivity and feel like I have a better handle on life. I’m actually doing two programs at the moment:

  • a series of weekly video training sessions over the course of a year called Train Your Brain Weekly, which I started in October
  • working directly with a coach one-on-one via 12 coaching calls, which I started last month

One of the systems that I started implementing is scheduling a two-hour meeting each week, during which I connect with and envision the success of each week. This is a little more than just laying out my schedule in my planners – I actually use three planners.

I explain more about how I plan my week in this Facebook Live video:

Here are some resources that I use:

The coach programs that I’m working with are available through Freedom Personal Development.

To learn more about the long list short list, check out this post at Four Hats & Frugal.

If you’re not in a position to hire a coach but still want to learn more, I’d suggest picking up a copy of the book Train Your Brain for Success by Roger Seip, co-founder of Freedom Personal Development.