Honeymoon Recap: Sausalito & More SF Exploring

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Warning: This post may be photo heavy.

If you’re just joining the party, the Mister and I were offered an opportunity to head out to San Francisco for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Catch up on the rest of the trip here:
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Muir Woods
Wine Country

On the way back from wine country, we stopped in Sausalito at my step-mom’s recommendation. It was a laid back little city just outside San Francisco.

I was pretty drained from all the time in the car, so the Mister jumped online for a coffee recommendation. He took us to Cibo, which was probably the best coffee we had the entire trip. The caffeine perked me right up.

Once we were back in the city, we decided to try to find a pizza joint since Tuesday’s search had been a bust.

We didn’t wind up getting pizza at Uncle Vito’s, though it looked amazing. Instead we both opted for hot subs. They were too good to resist.

My new friend, whom we met on the way back to the hotel.

On Thursday, we took the BART down to the Mission District. This was the day we logged the most miles walking in the city. The Mister’s pedometer record 14 miles that day. Unfortunately, we didn’t seem to take any pictures, which is a really a shame because Mission Street and Valencia Street were really, really cool parts of town. This what I have to share.

There were bike shops all throughout the neighborhood. The Mister really liked this style of street bike.
Of course we stopped for coffee. This was the inside of Four Barrel Coffee, which the Mister wanted to try because they use the slow-brewing drip method. The man is dying for a Chemex.
We also headed to the back of the coffee shop to check out their in-house coffee roaster. We picked up a bag of espresso to bring back for a friend that had been roasted just that week.