Honeymoon Recap: Monday

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Warning: This post will be photo heavy

If you’re just joining the party, the Mister and I were offered an opportunity to head out to San Francisco for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Catch up on the rest of the trip here:
Christmas Day & Sunday

Looking back on the trip, I’m surprised that we squeezed so much into one day. On Monday, we took the bus down to the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Had lunch in Alioto’s, which was recommended by the Mister’s sensei (he used to live in Oakland). The dining room looks across the bay at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was pretty foggy that morning, so we didn’t get any good photos from our table.

We walked along the pier and took a lot of photos.

Alcatraz Prison – unfortunately, we didn’t get to take a night tour of the prison, which was on my to-do list. I guess we’ll have to make another trip so we can finish up some of the activities we didn’t have time for.

We also wondered into a museum about the state’s parks.

I was fascinated by the lamps used in the lighthouses around the Bay.
Then we headed to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory.

Then we walked uphill to see Lombard Street, the “crookedest” street in San Francisco. That trek was steep, and the Mister insisted on taking pictures when I was out of breath…mean Mister.

I actually didn’t know why the street was crooked, and the Mister explained to me that the road would be so steep if it were straight that you would ruin the breaks on your car. We heard a lot of squealing breaks while we were there.

Then we walked to Chinatown, which I really didn’t enjoy. It was crowded, dirty and smelly. We did not stop to take pictures, and we didn’t eat there.
At the end of Chinatown is North Beach, which is essentially the Little Italy of San Francisco.

The Mister thought this was a bizarre street name.

We had been told by the Mister’s sensei that Caffe Trieste‘s coffee is supposed to be the best in the city.

We picked Trattoria Volare to have dinner at. Like most of the Italian restaurants in North Beach, they make all their pastas and pizza dough from scratch. I had some amazing veal tortellini, and the Mister ordered the carbonara. I enjoyed their food so much, that I insisted on going back on for dinner on Thursday, and the tiramisu was the best I’ve ever eaten.