Honeymoon Recap: Christmas Day & Sunday

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WARNING: This post will be photo heavy.

I’ve finally got our honeymoon photos uploaded and organized, and now I think I’m ready to share recaps. (Aren’t I a better blogger already? It took a lot longer after the wedding to put the recaps together, and my photographer sent the photos within 2 weeks.)

As you may know from previous posts, the Mister and I were offered an opportunity to head out to San Francisco for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Initially, we planned to stay at a friend’s apartment in Oakland, but that didn’t work out. Through some generosity, we were put up at the Marriott Marquis downtown for free.

Since we were leaving at o’ dark-thirty on Christmas morning from Charlotte, we stayed with my parents Christmas Eve and they dropped us at the airport. Going out there, we had a layover in Las Vegas, which turned into about four hours when the connecting flight was delayed. By the way, if you’ve never flown through Las Vegas before, don’t be surprised if you have to go through security again because of the way they have the terminals set up. I wasn’t aware of this, and I wasn’t happy at the time.

So we had lunch, played a few slots and then the Mister took a nap while I read in my new Kindle. (I told you that I knew what Santa was bringing me.)

Because of the delay, it was almost eight in the evening when we arrived at our hotel to check-in. This left us with just enough energy to take a few photos and find somewhere within walking distance to eat. Isn’t it amazing how sitting on a plane just wears you out?

Mel’s serves breakfast all day. Their burgers are also really tasty.

Sunday morning was a beautiful day, and we thoroughly enjoyed the view from our room; we were on the 24th floor.

Then we headed out to St. Mark’s Lutheran for church. With all the preparation for the trip, I’d missed quite a few services in December and really wanted to go to worship.

We really enjoyed the service at St. Mark’s. The music was beautiful, and the sanctuary was stunning. The church had recently been completely renovated to bring up to code in regard to earthquakes. After service, we were invited to stay for lunch, which was a thoughtful gesture for visitors.

Then we headed to Japantown, which I really enjoyed. The streets were very clean, and I just felt safe in this part of town. There was also a mall, which we visited.

We finished the evening up by walking back to the hotel and having dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant called The Green Papaya.