Holiday Wednesday: Holiday Cards

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I told y’all a while ago that I would be sporadically posting on some of my favorite holiday preparations. We talked about the ornaments that I buy for my nieces every year and which ones I was hoping to purchase for my own tree.

My next preparation is getting our holiday cards together. Last year, we had some photo cards done from our engagement photos, and this year I wanted to follow up with cards that feature some of our favorite wedding photos. Since we kept the guest list so small, I especially wanted to be sure that some extended family and friends of family would get a nice photo since we couldn’t have them attend. My go-to choice for personalized holiday cards this year is Shutterfly.

Earlier this year, I ordered some personalized stationery cards with my new name from them, so I know that the cardstock is good quality and the shipping is fast.

Back in September, they ran a good sale on their new holiday designs, so I had picked up a few cards with my favorite “kiss” photo, but definitely not enough to cover the address list that comes with combining families.

Plus, the Mister and I like to mix and match designs. I don’t like everyone to get the exact same card. Shutterfly has a great variety of designs, which is great because it allows us to pick a few of the quirky, fun designs.

I like these…

And these…

And these…

This is one area of my life where I refuse to go green. What are your thoughts? Do you still send paper cards or do you prefer the e-card now?

I will be receiving 50 free cards for writing this post. Head to the Shutterfly Blog if you want more promo details.