Hi, my name’s Aubrey!

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I’ve been sponsoring or co-hosting quite a few giveaways lately (go check out Brunch with Amber’s birthday giveaway), and that means that a lot of new people are seeing my little blog.

I’m sort of thinking that I should do a little introduction post in case you’re new around these parts and want to get to know me better. That said, here’s an updated 60 second story of me:

1. I live in South Carolina, and I root for the Gamecocks. College football is right around the corner so you can expect to hear about it.

2. I love shoes, coffee, wine, music and my pup.

3. My husband is a bit of a hippie, and he’s rubbed off on me. I joke that we’re a little bit granola because we garden, recycle, compost and try to eat locally grown food. We also work with a local veggie co-op a couple Saturdays each month. He/we have a garden blog, A Little Seed Grows, but it’s in dire need of an update.

4. I aspire to be a runner, and I’ve done a few 5K runs in the past, but I haven’t been running in nearly a year. I want that to change this year, so yesterday I signed up for the local Color Me Rad 5K in September. (I’m going to need something more ambitious than a 5K next, so please feel free to suggest a local 8 or 10K.) Also, I’ve been taking Danzan Ryu Jujitsu for about two years. My husband has been training jujitsu for 12 years; he tested for and was promoted to third degree black belt last fall.

5. High-Heeled Love is a little over four years old; it’s started as a wedding blog. I’m not a mega blogger, but I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along that way. I’m open to helping newer bloggers out, so please feel free to drop me an email if you need help with something. Also, I host or co-host four weekly parties:

Well, that just about wraps me up for now. Thanks for stopping in. If you want to find me elsewhere, here are High-Heeled Love’s other social media links:

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