Happy List: Valentine’s Day

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This Happy List is going to be Valentine’s Day themed. If you’re not in a Valentine’s Day mood, you may want to skip this post.

β€œTo love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others.” ― Anne-Sophie Swetchine

1. This happened in the afternoon, or it would have totally made my Friday confessions – I found a gray hair. I’m not graying yet; I refuse, so Friday evening was spent with a a bottle. A color bottle. Now I have a pretty new hair color.

 I’m also wearing my new earrings.
2. To go along with my new hair color, I decided to give myself a manicure using the pinkalicious polish that Janna sent in my pinktastic swap package.
3. The Mister and I headed to Clemson for the weekend to see my buddy Rob. We had a great weekend that involved grilling steaks, playing dominoes, fixing a computer, beer and Valentine’s Day funfetti cupcakes. (I found them at the third grocery store I went to.)
4. This morning I woke up to find the Mister had two bouquets of fresh flowers for me – one for the office and one for at home. I really, really love that man. =)

5. My MIL made us the cute, little brownie pops. Now I’m inspired to make some to share with my friends.

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