Happy List: Loving on Myself

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Thanks to Miss Angie’s Weekly Round-Up post on Sunday, I discovered a new blog link-up, The Girl Between the Lines, which is being hosted by Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange and Lauren from The Albrecht’s Blog. The idea is to share some “real” information about yourself so that we can get know each other better.

This week’s prompt is sharing three things that I like about myself, which I believe goes hand-in-hand with Ricki Jill’s My Happy List, so I will be linking this post up there today and to The Girl Between the Lines tomorrow.

So what three things do I love about myself? Well, at the risk of sounding shallow, I’m going to talk about physical features. Here are some physical features of my own that make me happy.

When I started thinking about this post, I was surprised that my feet were one of the first physical features that came to mind. I used to hate my feet because they are so big. I wear a size 10, and especially when I was in college and felt like I towered over all my female roommates and that my shoes looked like boats next to their cute little size 6 and 7 sandals. What a funny insecurity to have.

 I can thank jujitsu for getting over this insecurity. I can remember that the Mister has treated me to massage with our sensei years before training, and he made a joke to our sensei about my big feet being ugly. Our sensei said they were beautiful and that having big feet was an attribute because I had a better connection to the earth. I don’t think either I or the Mister have looked at my feet as anything other than beautiful since.

So some of you may know that my mother passed away when I was in high school, and because we moved from Michigan to the Carolinas when I was about 10 years old, I didn’t get to spend much time with her in the years before she passed away. Sometimes, it’s hard to feel like I have a lot of connections to her, but I got her hands.

My mom’s sister who is my godmother tells me that my hands look just like my mom’s, that we both have piano players’ hands (though I don’t play the piano). It’s nice when I have those days where I’m particularly missing my mom to look down at my hands and be reminded that I have a piece of her with me all the time.

For years, I was self conscious about my smile because I didn’t have braces when I was a kid and my teeth were slightly stained and that my front teeth were too big. You know what I’ve discovered since then? Nobody else notices that stuff.

I now love my smile, and it’s a pleasure to hear that other people says that my smile is so friendly. My father-in-law recently told the Mister that he loves to see photos where I’m smiling really big because he think I have such a beautiful smile. I think we all need to remember to smile more often because we never know who’s day we might brighten.

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