Happy List: Happy Birthday Eve

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Each week, Mamarazzi gathers up all that makes her happy and then invites us to do the same. This week, her fabulous husband Big Daddy is guest posting and sharing his Happy List. Won’t you play along?

1. At the tippy toppy of my Happy List this week is that today we’re having a my 29th (again) 30th birthday party. We’re meeting about a dozen friends at @116 Espresso and Wine Bar for a great dinner, and there are rumors that the Mister is going to be baking this pineapple angel food cake.

2. Birthdays always mean plenty of good mail. I love, LOVE getting cards, and I’m feeling awfully loved this year. Thanks, you guys!

3. The Mister has led the week up with pre-Birthday cards and chocolates. He’s been away all morning “running errands.” I wonder what that man has up his sleeve.

4. A mini shopping spree at Loft. I can burn a gift card in a ridiculously short amount of time, especially when I have a 20% off coupon on top of that. This cute skirt now lives in my closet, and this jacket is on the short list to come home soon.

5. I am loving our new roof. I know I posted pictures the other day, but it’s hard to understand how much better it looks without a good before and after.

This is the house when we bought it in 2007.
The roof today, and the pups say hello.

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