Happy List – Birthday Version

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Today is my 29 (again) birthday so I’m going to be a little self-centered and make this a birthday Happy List. =)

1. Waking up to a birthday phone call from my dad makes me HAPPY. My folks were also awesome enough to visit on Sunday and take us out to lunch.

2. During lunch today, I headed into the dojo for a jujitsu fix. Day class is such a different dynamic than the evening class. I really wish I had time to go to both, but it was nice to sneak an extra workout in today. Improving my rolls and falls makes me immensely HAPPY.

3. Funny birthday cards. I’m always HAPPY to get good mail, and this year, my friends and family have sent some really thoughtful cards and gifts.

4. Chatting with my brother on the phone makes me HAPPY. He gave me a quick call yesterday, and it was great to catch up. It’s funny how that 3-hour time difference can get in the way with keeping in touch, but my brother and SIL makes a great effort to stay connected even from far away.

5. Birthday pizza and homemade birthday cake. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.

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