Happy List…a little late

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I have to apologize for this list being a little late because I would rather post on Sundays, but yesterday was crazy. It involved taking a friend to the ER (everything is okay now) and then napping most of the afternoon because my morning started so early.

1. My Gamecocks won again, and this week we beat Georgia, which is no small thing. We have beat them in the past, but this time the score wasn’t even close. We won 17 to 6…I expected the score to be a lot closer.

2. I wound up spending game time with some old friends from high school whom I have not seen since 2001-2002ish. It was great to catch up on their lives, and hopefully we won’t wait so long to hang out again.

3. The Mister and I decided on our honeymoon destination; we’re planning on visiting two my favorite cities this December. I’m super excited and can’t wait to search out some fun activities and places to explore.

4. Friday evening, we had some friends over for dinner and made curried rice with shrimp. I love cooking for friends.

5. Next weekend, I’m throwing Em’s bridal shower. That means that I have to do some practice runs on a few recipes this week. The Mister is going to have the pleasure of trying some champagne cupcakes and some yummy hashbrowns.

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