Happy List 9.3.11

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It’s that time of the week to list what’s making me smile.

1. I’ve mentioned football so many times the last few weeks that it seems redundant, but Gamecock kickoff is in less than 5 hours! The only thing that could make today’s game day better would if it were a home game. But…at the same time, I’m glad not to have to deal with game traffic.

2. Ladies’ Adventure Weekend! Next Friday, the ladies and I head up to Tennessee to camp and whitewater raft on the Ocoee River. It’s been several years since I’ve been rafting, and I’m super excited about the trip.

3. And then two weeks after whitewater rafting, I’m headed up to Washington, D.C. to meet up with Janna and Amy. They’ll be walking the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk! I’m so excited to meet these two ladies and cheer them on as they raise money to cure breast cancer.

I know you all saw Janna’s guest post on Thursday. In just the last three days, the ladies has received more $600 in donations. That. Is. Awesome. BUT they still have almost $2000 to go. Do you think that you could spare even just $10? Go to www.the3day.org/goto/juleswarriors to donate.

4. I had my first class at the Mister’s dojo last night. Except that, now I guess it’s my dojo, too. We working on the 5 techniques of the very first list of techniques, which is escapes. Essentially, someone grabs your wrist, and five different techniques for getting yourself loose.

I was really nervous to get on the mat, but the class went really well. There is another guy named Alex who is starting out, too. It’s always comforting to have someone to come up through the ranks with.

5. Um….football? I really have a one-track mind this afternoon…maybe because I’m listening to a college football podcast as I’m writing this. In fact, I’m now off to the grocery store to buy Gameday snacks.

Happy Weekend, lovelies!

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