Happy List 8.29.11

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It’s been nearly another week since I’ve blogged, and I don’t know what to say other than that I’ve been busy. Work has to come before blogging. So sorry, ladies. And of course busy with work means that there aren’t a lot of interesting things to share.

But it’s been so long since I’ve linked up with Mamarazzi and visited her other participants. So today I’m going to take a few minutes to share my Happy List. Besides, it’s a great way to start the week.

1. I’m happy that we did not have to deal with any bad weather because of Hurricane Irene. Several of my family members from around the country called to see that we would be safe. Not only were we just fine in our corner of South Carolina, but the Mister and I didn’t even get any rain.

One of my neighbor’s tagged me on FB with these swim shoes for Irene. It always makes me smile when a somebody tells me that a pair of heels made them think of me.

2. The Mister heard me mention last weekend I wanted to replace my Adidas shelltoe sneakers, and on Thursday a package arrived for me with these babies. It’s not very often that the Mister encourages my shoe habit, but I sure do appreciate when he does.

3. The only thing the Mister didn’t realize was that had he ordered them through my Ebates account, we would have earned cash back. I love Ebates. I ordered a new Gamecock sweatshirt and a birthday gift for a friend last week. This morning, I got an email telling me how much cash the purchases earned.

4. Football starts this weekend. I am so excited. And the weather is supposed to cool off this weekend so maybe I’ll make a pot of chili for the first game. There is nothing that screams fall to me like chili, good beer and Gamecocks football.

5. In addition to the start of college football, we have a long weekend. I spent almost all day Sunday in the office catching up on paperwork so that I could be sure I don’t have to work over Labor Day. We want to take a daytrip. Maybe to Asheville?

And just for fun, a friend just tagged us on FB. This photo of me and the Mister is nearly five years ago.We look so young and in love!

Happy Monday!

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