Happy List 8.1.11

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I need a Happy List today as the week has started out with the alarm clock not going off, spilling coffee creamer and forgetting important contact information needed to get the leak in our roof fixed. It’s definitely time to re-frame Monday morning and focus on the things that make me smile.

1. I am still loving my new haircut….so much so that I’ve had the Mister taking pictures nearly every day to share on my blog. It may be a little vain, but I’m sharing them anyway.

2. Receiving some really fun bracelets from Blessed Mama as part of Michabella’s bracelet swap. They were a lot awfully cute with they tie-dyed t-shirt above, which I wore out last week when we went to see a couple local bands. Thanks, Monica!

3. Speaking of local music, I realized that I don’t get out to see it nearly often enough anymore. We definitely need to do more of that. It’s relatively inexpensive date night too because most of the venues have decent drink specials. We went to see Jurassic Heat (I went to high school with the drummer) the other day and had a ball.

4. The Mister and I spent most of Saturday afternoon brainstorming on paint colors and other home projects. Once we know whether we’ll getting our bathroom ceiling replace (part of the aforementioned roof leak), we’ll be painting our bathroom and hallway. I like the idea of getting the ball rolling on our home renovation projects again.

5. I have a birthday in less than two weeks. I may not be all that happy about 30, but at least it’s a good excuse for a party.

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