Happy List 6.26.12

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My Happy List might be going up a little late today, but there’s plenty to be HAPPY about.


1. First it makes me HAPPY that the Mister said he would join me for the Color Run. Registration for the Charlotte run opened a few minutes ago, and we’re both signed up. Within a few minutes of signing up, we saw on facebook that another couple we know is also going, so maybe we’ll all run together.

2. On that note, I actually got up early to start my running program this morning. I am so thankful and HAPPY that the weather was mild today. It was breezy and in the seventies….considering that it’s not at all unusual for the humidity and temperatures to be way beyond that at this time of the year, I figured that I couldn’t ask for better.

3. Further, I’m really HAPPY that at my jujitsu school, it is just as important that the healing art taught alongside the martial art. Our sensei is constantly stressing how important it is to keep everyone safe. Last night while we were grappling, I accidentally got my right elbow hyper-extended; I should have tapped sooner. I’m really thankful that my sensei was able to take a look at it right then and make the adjustments so that a little thing didn’t turn into a painful injury this morning.

And hey, since the Mister has taken the healing art course, I sure don’t complain when he busts out the massage table at home. Deep tissue massage makes me extremely HAPPY.

4. Rooting for my Gamecocks makes me HAPPY. Last night, we got home from class in time for me to watch the last inning of the College World Series. I really thought right up to the last hit that we were going to win the game. And even though we didn’t win the series this year (a THREPEAT would have been nice), we did wind up in the final series again for a third year in a row. Five college world series qualifications in the last 15 years and two back-to-back championships isn’t a little thing. I’m really proud of the team.

5. I’m HAPPY that the Mister had a fantastic birthday….and now I’m totally going to share you with photos from the party.

This balloon was supremely expensive; luckily it’s still strongly floating away in our bedroom.
Watermelon and feta salad with pesto.
Love the birthday boy.

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