Happy List 5.7.11

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I heart my family; photo by Chi Photography

1. I’m really looking forward to spending some time with my parents this weekend. We haven’t seen them since New Year’s Day, and that’s just too long. It’s not that they live far away; it’s just been a busy year so far.

2. I got up early this morning to try donate platelets. Unfortunately, my iron was a little low this morning, but I am enjoying some quiet time to myself with just the morning noises to keep me company.

3. This past week has been busy at work, but in a good way. When you work in sales for a living, there’s a good kind of busy and a bad kind. The good kind is when your work is turning into income. That’s a plus.

Artisan chocolates by Evolution Through Chocolate

4. I’ve been so busy that it hasn’t left me for much time to exercise or to blog. The Mister and I are going to ride our bikes down to the All Local Farmers Market in a bit. I still need my 10 miles this week for the Spring Movement Challenge, and riding a bike the spring morning air is really refreshing.

5. My Hand-Made for You Swaparoo package is ready to head out to the post office today. I’m really looking forward to Brandy receiving it. I’m not the craftiest person out there…so half the contents were made by yours truly and the other half were purchased from local vendors.

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