Happy List!

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1. Em’s bridal shower went well. I was trying a couple of Paula Deen recipes that were new to me, but they were awesome. Both the mom’s were joking about wanting kids. Here’s a pregnancy kit that was included with Em’s gift from her mom.

2. After the shower, we ran some wedding-related errands that involved a dress fitting, dropping rings off to engraved and shopping for a clutch for her to use the day of. It was nice to spend a day with just Em. We haven’t hung out one on one in years. We discovered while we were that the jewelry store that her new initials will be ER…so I’m jokingly called her Emergency Room.

3. The Gamecocks won again this weekend, which means that we’re currently ranked 12th. Having been a Gamecock fan for years now, I’m thrilled, but not getting too confident. The boys have a way of letting this stuff go to their heads, and Auburn next week is not going to be easy.

4. Friday was my parent’s fifth wedding anniversary; so Em and I stopped by to visit them while we were out running errands. I can’t believe that five years have passed so quickly.

5. This weekend is my buddy Rob’s birthday, so I’m planning on heading up to Clemson to spend some time with him. I always love to visit with him because he makes me laugh so hard.

6. We’re inside of the 100-day mark until Christmas, which means that the Mister and I are also inside of 100 days until we go on our honeymoon. That really makes me smile.

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