Happy List 12.4.12

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I didn’t see a post this morning from Mamarazzi so I’m going get the Happy List going just in case.


1. I’m HAPPY that it’s finally December. I’m looking forward to Christmas and seeing my brother and sister-in-love, who live on the West Coast. And a week at the beach. The Mister and I haven’t truly taken a vacation since our honeymoon, so we’re ready for the trip.

2. I’m HAPPY to be moved into the new office. AT&T still hasn’t gotten my phones up (which is unacceptable), but at least I have internet. And I’m 98% unpacked. And my commute is literally less than five minutes. You really can’t beat that.

3. I got back to jujitsu yesterday for the first time in nearly two weeks. Getting my blood pumping and doing some activity that does not include lifting boxes makes me HAPPY. I really need to get on the ball with my notebook so I can think about a green belt sometime after the first of the year.

4. Now that it’s December, I can acceptably play all the holiday tunes my heart desires. I like the classics, and I like the modern remakes of the classics. And I like the completely wacky. It all makes me HAPPY.

5. Filling the calendar up with fun holiday activities makes me HAPPY. I’m really looking forward to a couple parties to see some of our friends. I feel like getting ready for this office move has made me a hermit.

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