Happy List 12.13.10

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I’m back. Did you miss me? I didn’t really intend to disappear for a whole week, but with my trip over the weekend, I just didn’t have time. So I have a whole of happy to share with you.

1. My trip to Delaware was safe and (mostly) without snow; it only flurried for a little bit on Friday afternoon. Driving back to the airport, they were predicting it for last night, and I know Charlotte got some too. So I’m glad that I missed it all.

2. I’m happy to report that Miss Kate’s thesis defense was successful. Pending a few written corrections to her thesis and the actual graduation ceremony next month, my best friend is now a doctor! How awesome is that?

3. I’m so glad to be back in South Carolina where the people are friendly and I know the interstates. I like to travel, but coming home yesterday was so, so, so nice.

4. I love my Mister. Getting a hug from him yesterday was the highlight of my weekend.

5. We had a potluck amongst the young adults from my church yesterday evening. At first, I didn’t want to go because I was wiped out from traveling, but I’m glad the Mister convinced me to go. It was a lot of fun.

6. We got our first Christmas card last week from my brother and my sister-in-law. It was a sweet photo card from their anniversary shoot. Now I just  need to get mine in the mail this week so that people will receive them before the holiday.

7. I’m happy that I got our Christmas decorations up last week. And I got a super-cute shoe ornament from Shelze as part of an ornament exchange. (Shelze: I didn’t have a chance to get your ornament to the post office last week, but it’s on its way now. I’m sorry!)

8. Our honeymoon is rapidly approaching, and I’m so excited to go to San Francisco!

9. It’s time to bake Christmas cookies. I’m going to bake cappuccino flats this week for our neighborhood association holiday party.

10. I’m eying the new Amazon Kindle for Christmas, and I’m super excited to see if Santa puts one under my tree 😉 But if he doesn’t, I really think I may go ahead and treat myself.

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