Happy List 11.8.10

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It’s Monday morning, and we’re going to kick this week off with my Happy List. I’m sorry about being gone for the weekend. I’ve been trying to disconnect on the weekends, so if I don’t have time to schedule my blog posts, they don’t happen.

1. The Mister and I brought my cactus garden inside on Saturday afternoon because it was supposed to frost this weekend. This meant that we re-arranged the office, where we keep them. So now the office feels extra clean and peaceful.

2. Our church celebrated its 175th anniversary this weekend. That’s pretty awesome. There was a big lunch after the service that included barbeque, macaroni and cheese and lots of desserts. One of the local news affiliates also came out to cover the occasion.

3. I baked sugar cookies over the weekend. They were just the break apart kind, but there are still yummy goodies in my house.

4. I’ve been happily looking up Thanksgiving recipes. I don’t even know what we’re doing this year for the holiday, but if I decide to cook a meal I’ll be ready. (In the past, we’ve done three dinners his mom’s, his dad’s and then my parents’; I think I’d like to keep it simple this year.)

5. Daylight savings time gave me an extra hour to sleep in this weekend. I love snuggling into my bed and sleeping late, and this is the first weekend that I’ve been to do that in about six weeks.

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