Happy List 11.6.12

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I’m not sure about if the linky party is going on this week, but I wanted to share my Happy List anyway.

1. Last week, a friend and fellow insurance agent took me to lunch to celebrate moving forward in business. I have closed my loan, and he’s recently opened a Nationwide agency. We had some yummy Mexican food, and I decided to have a margarita even though I had to head back to the office.

2. The Mister passed his exam for his third degree black belt last week. The exam was really impressive, and we’ve both thrilled and relieved to have the exam behind us. The Mister’s parents came to watch the exam. His father and step-mother had never seen him practice jujitsu…to say they were blown away would be an understatement.

The panel of Senseis with the Mister after his exam

3. I got to take a lot of great classes at our fall clinic and learned a lot of new things. This year was much more enjoyable to me than last year since I now know enough technique to not be completely overwhelmed. I am still ridiculously sore from all the working out I did, but I did get a rub on Saturday afternoon, which helped alleviate a lot of tightness in my neck, back and shoulders.

4. On Saturday evening, our school has a bit of a happy hour and dinner to celebrate our extended jujitsu family and the accomplishments of the weekend. It’s always nice to blow off a little steam after a weekend of hard work.

This is me and the Mister with our sensei, Prof. Tom Ryan
Some of my favorite out-of-town jujitsu ladies

5. Seeing all kinds of posts on social media about people voting today. I voted early last week since I knew I’d have client appointments today. Voting isn’t a right; it’s privilege. It can be taken away from you, so please be sure to exercise your ability. Remember, it has been that long since those of us who weren’t white male property owners didn’t get to vote.

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