Happy List 11.22.11

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I’ve been out of the bloggy world lately, so I was surprised to log in today and find out Mamarazzi is going on a bloggy break. I’m going to miss her =( However, I love Miss Angie, and she’s going to be hosting the Happy List linky party until Mamarazzi gets back.
I feel like I owe everyone an explanation and an apology for not posting in so long. Nothing terrible has happened; I’ve just been incredibly busy. I mentioned earlier this summer that I’m buying my company (the previous owner is retiring), and being the boss has taken up a lot of my time lately.

I’m still trying to find the balance between work, fun and blogland. Please hang in there with me; I’m hoping to be back on more regular basis than the last 8 week have been.

Okay, let’s move on to the HAPPY!


1. This week I’m so HAPPY to have a husband who is so understanding of my crazy schedule. The Mister has been so awesome with getting dinner started, helping with chores and making sure our sweet pups get plenty of love and walks.
In addition to making me coffee every morning,  he’s been super-sweet about surprising me with the occasional six pack or bottle of wine when I’ve had a particularly hard day. We’ve always shared the household chores, but lately, he’s gone above and beyond as the office hours have gotten particularly demanding.
2. In light of the crazy hours, I’m HAPPY that this is a holiday week. I definitely have work to do over the weekend, but I’m trying to set myself up to work from home for the weekend. It will be nice to sleep in a few extra days this week and spend some time with my family. And let’s face it, Thanksgiving dinner is awesome.
3. I made a cheesecake from scratch this month for the first time, and it turned out awesome. I’m so HAPPY because in the past when I’ve attempted this, I’ve screwed up the crust. Luckily, my step-mom shared a really easy, delicious recipe with me. Look for a post sharing the the yummy-ness soon.
4. South Carolina “winter” makes me HAPPY. Thanksgiving is in two days, and it’s in the 70s outside. We have the windows open. It doesn’t get any better than that.
5. I’m HAPPY to be watching the Carolina/Clemson game this weekend with some friends. It’s been a good season for both teams, and this should be an exciting game.
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