Happy List, 10.3.10

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It’s time for Mamarazzi’s weekly happy list. I hope that you’ll make a list of the things that are making you happy this week and join in. If  you do, be sure to click on the button to link up. Here’s what is making me smile this week.

1. It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in South Carolina. Yesterday, the Mister and I turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows. It is awesome to wake up to 70 degree fresh air from your back yard.

2. Yesterday our neighborhood association participated in the Annual Bluegrass Festival. We had a booth where we sold t-shirts, straw hats, bandanas and reflective street address signs. We also did free face painting for the children, which was very popular.  It was pretty priceless to see the kid’s face light up when you held up the mirror for him to see the paint.

3. In the evening yesterday, the Mister and I met up with some of his oldest friends for drinks. I get an absolute kick out of watching him laugh over inside jokes and memories from 12 years ago.

4. Friday was my kid brother’s 18th birthday. I cannot believe that that kid is now legally an adult or that he graduates from high school this school year.