Happy List 10.25.11

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1. I’m so happy that I have a successful business that keeps me busy….even if it’s too busy to blog these days. There are so many people who don’t have jobs or who are getting their hours cut; I’m blessed to have full-time work.

I’m also happy that it’s the time of year to review plans with my Medicare clients. Some of my most charismatic and fun clients fall into this category, and it’s fun to have them come by the office to sit with me.

2. I’m happy that the wedding we attended to weekends ago were so full of love and fun. Look at these happy couples. Don’t they make your heart melt?

3. I’m happy to be training fairly consistently at our dojo. We had our fall clinic last weekend, and it was pretty awesome. Many parts were overwhelming for me since I’m such a newbie, but I learned a lot. The Mister took photos while I was in some of the seminars, but I haven’t looked at them yet so I’ll have to wait to share.

Also, it’s great to spend time with some of our training family from around the country. I specifically got to spend some time with a few of the Boston people since I was the airport transportation.

4. I’m happy that this awesome lady had a fantastic birthday weekend. Happy Birthday, Janna! (Eventually, I’ll catch you on the phone to tell you live.)

Taken during our 3-Day Weekend in Washington, D.C.

5. Flowers! My Mister got me flowers last week because we hit our 18 month mark since the wedding, which makes me so darn happy (both the anniversary and the man). And this morning a client brought me flowers as a little thank you for help. So sweet.

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