Happy List 10.25.10

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It’s been another one of those jam-packed weekends, where blogging just doesn’t seemed to get crossed off the to-do list….We have Halloween next weekend, and then I am not going anything the first weekend in November. =)

So you’re going to get a Monday morning Happy List. Mamarazzi must be pretty busy too since I don’t see a linky for the the weekend, but check back later in the day. I’m sure she’ll be in the game soon.

1. The Gamecocks got back on track and beat Vanderbilt this weekend. At the end of the first half, I was a little doubtful, but I’m glad to see another “W” on the schedule. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Tennessee game next weekend (and that Lattimore is well enough to play)…it’s going to be tough.

2. My MIL and I got up early on Saturday morning (it was cold!) to have a yard sale with one of the neighbors. We’ve been trying to help my MIL downsize her storage unit, and this sale was huge step toward that goal. We also donated eight tubs of books to the local library. Cheers to not having to lift those suckers again.

3. The Mister and I finally went grocery shopping this weekend. With all the weddings we’ve been attending lately, the budget has been very tight, and our cupboards were pretty bare. We replenished the kitchen, and with coupons, saved about 30% on our grocery bill. Last night, we had a home-cooked meal and watched a movie. It was a perfect home date night.

4. My dad came down over the weekend and helped the Mister put up trim in the bathroom and hallway. Three years after we moved into our house, we might just finish those renovation projects. I’ve been sorting through paint chips and kind of have an urge to re-paint the whole house. Crazy, right?

5. Because I finally have creamer in the fridge again, the Mister brewed me a fresh cup of coffee this morning. That really starts my Monday off on the right foot.

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