Happy List 10.2.12

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After the trying week that I had last week, I needed a little happy in my life. Luckily, so far this week has started out on absolutely the right note.

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1. Between the accident and being sick last week, I didn’t make it into jujitsu. I was still a little sore yesterday so I wasn’t going to go in, but the Mister said I really needed to go to class. I’m really glad that I listened to him because at the end of class, our sensei did promotions. And I was promoted!

Aside from the fact that I’m thrilled that my hard work is paying off, this promotion is extra meaningful because the Mister has actually passed his blue belt on to me. When a sensei passes a belt on to a student, it’s because it’s someone he really believes in. It’s rare and a special honor. I’m the first student that the Mister has given a belt too, and I’m really touched.

2. This morning I woke up to an email from Dalayna from Pointing Up that I had won her September Sponsor Showcase giveaway. Last month I won her For the Love of Coffee giveaway. I’m starting to really love this girl. A big thanks to all the bloggers who contributed to both giveaways.

3. I finally got some positive news on a big project at work that has been dragging on forever. I still can’t share the details, but when everything is wrapped up, there will be much celebrating here at High-Heeled Love.

4. If the car is totalled, I think I have decided on the car I’d like to buy next. I’m hoping to show you photos soon of something shiny and brand new. But if my Prius gets repaired, I will be just as happy to have her home.

5. This sweet girl makes me HAPPY. She really is such a comfort to have around and so excited to see us every time we come home. We didn’t plan on her being an only dog, but she’s really stepped up to the plate as the dog of the house.

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