Happy List 1.15.13

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Good morning, friends!

1. We’ve been having awesome weather this week, and that makes me pretty darn HAPPY. I make no secrets about the fact that I really don’t like cold weather. It’s been in the 80s since Saturday, and you just can’t beat that.

2. One of the resolutions that the Mister and I made this year was to eat out a lot less than we had been. We’re trying to eat out no more than one evening a week (not counting when a parent invites us to dinner). As a result, we’ve gotten back to making meal plans and cooking home, and Friday night is pizza night. I love pizza. I could eat it every night and be HAPPY.

3. Getting a really good workout in at the dojo makes me HAPPY. I’m so sore today, but in a good way. Know what I mean? Though I have to admit, I now have several good bruises on my legs since we were working on chokes and constrictions yesterday.

4. Sunday evening, the Mister and I sat up together watching the Golden Globes. It was fun to guess who would win each category, especially since we haven’t seen most of the movies and tv shows. We now have a long list of movies to watch in the near future, which will make date nights much easier. Most of the time, our tastes vary quite a bit, so it makes me HAPPY to have several titles already that we both want to see.

 Palmetto Bloggers
5. This weekend is the second Palmetto Bloggers meet-up! I’m very excited to head to Charleston for dinner and a white elephant gift exchange. I’m HAPPY to have a weekend away with some blog friends in one of my favorite cities. (Check out our last meet-up HERE.)

I also want to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this fabulous lady. She moved to California last year, and we miss her quite a bit.

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