Happy 3.27.11

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This is a weekly list of all the things that are making me smile. I think it’s important to focus on the good things in our lives.

1. Since it’s a bit of a tradition now for me to mention coffee in my Happy List, I got three new coffee mugs in my swap packages this week. That is AWESOME! And the Mister baked banana bread this week, which is making a really tasty breakfast this morning.

2. My iron levels cooperated yesterday, and I was able to donate platelets at the Red Cross yesterday. I’m going to tell you, it was a bit of a process; my left are decided the first needle wasn’t in a good position so I have a really mean bruise to show for it. They tell me the next time I come to donate, it will be easier and not take so much time; for now, I’ve scheduled my next whole blood appointment.

3. Yesterday, we had dinner with my MIL at Mai Thai, which is where the Mister proposed to me almost two years ago.  Before that, she was gracious enough to do a hair treatment and face mask and generally pamper me. The Mister was a good sport and let us do a hair treatment on him too. Seeing him wearing a colorist cap was pretty funny.

4. It’s been raining since yesterday afternoon, which means all the pollen is being washed away. So many people around here suffer from hayfever allergies, that I have to be thankful for that. Besides, stormy nights are the best recipe for good sleep.

5. I happened to find season six of Grey’s Anatomy on sale this week for about 50 percent off, which means my at-home marathon can continue.

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