Friday Favorites: Healthy Snack

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Favorite Fridays

Hi! It’s Friday! This week, it seemed like Friday was never going to come on; I’m so glad it’s here.

The Friday Favorites subject on deck this week is Healthy Snacks. To be perfectly honest at my house, the most common healthy snack is likely to be half a PB&J sandwich – whole-grain bread (no HFCS) with all-natural peanut butter and no-sugar added jam.

But….these are my favorite healthy snack options:

Home-made guacamole – Most people think that guacamole is fattening, but that’s not exactly true. Avocados have healthy fats that help regulate cholesterol. I make my guacamole from scratch not a mix (no sour cream), and I usually add diced tomatoes and onions to it as well, so I can sneak in some extra veggies. I do have to be careful about corn chips, so a lot of times, we’ll put guacamole on top of taco salad or black bean burritos.

Home-made hummus – I’m going to give the same argument about the fat content as I did for the guacamole. The olive oil in hummus has tons of health benefits. Again, we make ours from scratch, not a mix; well, the Mister makes the hummus. I know he uses tahini sauce, chickpeas, olive oil, paprike and (I think) lemon juice. And rather than use corn chips or pita chips. We like to cut pita bread into wedges and then toast them under the broiler.

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